Tuesday, 24 July 2018

F is for... Family of Blood

A sadistic, war-like race, of obscure origins, which had only a very short life-span. In their natural form, they existed as green gaseous entities, but could inhabit the bodies of others. One group of the creatures encountered the Doctor and Martha on an alien world, where they decided that one of their number should take for itself the body of a Time Lord. They formed a family unit - Father of Mine, Mother of Mine, Son of Mine, and Daughter / Sister of Mine. The Doctor and Martha fled, but the Family had access to time travel technology and a stolen spacecraft. They followed the TARDIS to Earth, arriving in England in 1913. As the creatures had not seen what they looked like, the Doctor decided to transform himself into a human being for a few months, by which time the Family would have died. Using a Chameleon Arch, he became John Smith, teacher at a boys' public school. Martha got a job there as a maid, to be close to him and keep an eye on him in his human state. His Time Lord essence was deposited in a pocket watch. The Family had landed near the school. A schoolboy named Baines accidentally found his way into their ship, and his body was taken over by Son of Mine. Hunting by smell, he went back to the school to seek out the Time Lord. He used alien technology called Molecular Fringe Animation to fashion an army of living scarecrows. These abducted a local farmer, Mr Clark, who became host for Father of Mine; and a young girl named Lucy Cartwright to host Daughter of Mine. A servant friend of Martha's named Jenny became the host for Mother of Mine.

The Family were able to work out that Smith was the Time Lord they sought. They tried to abduct him from a village dance, but he was saved by Martha. They then laid siege to the school, attacking it with their scarecrow army. Father of Mine got hold of the TARDIS, to force Smith to hand himself over to them. They then took to their spaceship and began bombarding the village. Smith was finally talked into becoming the Doctor once more, but he kept this fact hidden from the Family when he went to their ship, pretending to still be Smith. He sabotaged the craft, then captured the Family. As they had sought a form of immortality, he gave it to them. Father of Mine was chained forever in bonds made of unbreakable dwarf star alloy. Mother of Mine was cast into the event horizon of a Black Hole. Daughter of Mine was trapped within a mirror - every mirror, where she can sometimes be glimpsed out of the corner of your eye. Son of Mine was frozen in time and set up as a scarecrow, watching over the fields of England.

Played by: Harry Lloyd (Son of Mine), Gerard Horan (Father of Mine), Rebekah Staton (Mother of Mine) and Lauren Wilson (Daughter of Mine). Appearances: Human Nature / The Family of Blood (2007).
  • Lloyd is probably best known for his role as Viserys Targaryen - brother of Daenerys - in the first season of Game of Thrones. He also played Will Scarlett in the BBC Robin Hood series. He is the great, great, great grandson of Charles Dickens.
  • Genre appearances for Horan include recurring roles in Outlander and Da Vinci's Demons.

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