Sunday, 8 July 2018

E is for... Estelle

Estelle Cole was an elderly Cardiff resident who was interested in New Age beliefs. She began to investigate a piece of woodland which contained an ancient stone circle, following reports of strange lights there. Her investigations revealed the existence of Faerie-like creatures. Captain Jack Harkness took his colleague Gwen Cooper to a lecture which Estelle presented on what she had witnessed. She was convinced the creatures were benign, but Jack warned her that this was not the case. At her home, Gwen noticed photographs of Gwen with Jack, but from 40 years before. Estelle believed that Jack was the son of the man who had once been her lover, but Gwen guessed the truth. That night, the Torchwood team identified a freak patch of torrential rainfall centred directly over Estelle's home. She had gone outside to fetch her cat, after hearing strange noises in the garden. By the time the team arrived, Estelle was dead - drowned in her own back garden by the Faeries to protect their secrets.

Played by: Eve Pearce. Appearances: TW 1.5: Small Worlds.

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