Sunday, 8 July 2018

E is for... Ettis

A rebellious miner from the planet of Peladon. The miners were angered that membership of the Federation was not making their lives better, whilst the nobles at court were prospering. As resentment grew towards open rebellion, Ettis was a firebrand, wanting to overthrow the nobles by force and to expel the Federation staff from his world - but the miners' leader, Gebek, advocated a more peaceful approach. Ettis decided to lead a force to capture the Federation arsenal, against Gebek's wishes. The attack was a failure, as the weapons store was protected. Ettis then attacked the control centre where he forced Alpha Centauri to deactivate the defences after threatening Sarah Jane Smith. He also seized the sonic cannon - intended for mining work - and used it to seal the Doctor in a cavern just as the spirit of Aggedor appeared. This vision had been striking down miners, leading them to believe that their gods were angry with the Federation presence. Gebek rescued the Doctor in time. When Ice Warrior troops arrived on the planet and declared martial law, Gebek and the Doctor got the miners and nobles to work together in order that the Martians would have no cause to stay on the planet. Ettis was enraged by what he saw as capitulation by his colleagues, so he took the sonic cannon to a cave overlooking the citadel, determined to destroy it. The Doctor tracked him there and the two men fought. Ettis overpowered the Doctor and activated the cannon - not realising that it had been sabotaged by the Ice Warrior Commander Azaxyr. He was killed as it self destructed.

Played by: Ralph Watson. Appearances: The Monster of Peladon (1974).
  • Watson had previously appeared as Captain Knight in The Web of Fear - the role which Nicholas Courtney was originally to have played. He later appeared as lighthouse keeper Ben in The Horror of Fang Rock.

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