Monday, 2 October 2017

October's Figurines

This month's figurines have arrived a few days early. Along with the two regular releases, we have the latest of the larger special editions.
First up there is the Ogron, as they appeared in Day of the Daleks. Not quite sure what is going on with the face, as he appears to have pale rings around the eyes. With him is one of the Cheetah People from Survival.
The special figurine is Aggedor. Technically, this figure shouldn't really be a larger figure, as old Aggedor wasn't that big. Fur doesn't render well on these figurines - just look at Azal's legs a couple of months ago - so a smaller figure might have looked better.
Next time, we have the Cybus Cyberman and the Clockwork Droid. Forthcoming, we have a red New Paradigm Dalek drone, the Ice Empress and - just in time for Christmas - a Robot Santa. The next special edition will be a War Machine.

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