Sunday, 15 October 2017

C is for... Chorley, Harold

A journalist who was selected to represent the British press at the Goodge Street fortress during the Yeti attack on London. Arrogant and obsequious, he was disliked by the soldiers based there, and by Professor Travers and his daughter, Anne. Keen to get a story and make a name for himself, he was unwilling to do anything hazardous, however. He was suspicious of the Doctor and his companions when they turned up, having learned that they were present when Travers had encountered the Yeti years before. Knowing that the Great Intelligence used a human host, the others were equally suspicious of him - especially when he ran off to find the TARDIS. He hid in the Underground tunnels for some time before encountering Staff Sergeant Arnold, who took him to Piccadilly Circus station where the Intelligence had its base. He discovered that it was Arnold who had been taken over. Once the Intelligence had been expelled back into deep space, Chorley tried to find out about the TARDIS from Anne Travers.

Played by: Jon Rollason. Appearances: The Web of Fear (1968).

  • Chorley appears to be based on an amalgamation of three real journalists of the period, known from TV appearances. He looks like Robin Day, with the thick spectacle frames and the bow tie, but his obsequious personality is more akin to David Frost or Alan Whicker.
  • Rollason was one of John Steed's original partners in The Avengers, before they settled on the single female companion. He and Doctor Who producer Peter Bryant attempted to launch an adventure series called Special Project Air. Only two episodes were filmed. In the 1970's he both wrote for and appeared in Coronation Street.

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