Sunday, 8 October 2017

C is for... Chief Officer

The planet Varos had once been a penal colony. The guards became its elite, whilst the general populace were descended from the prisoners. What had once been the Head Warden role became the planet's Chief Officer. He was second-in-command to the Governor, but whilst that position was open to public voting, the Chief's role was one for life, and he was exempt from being voted into the Governorship - which could be a death sentence. As such, he was really the most powerful person in the government. The Chief Officer encountered by the Doctor and Peri was in the pay of the Galatron Mining Corporation, working behind the scenes to keep the price of Zeiton 7 ore below its market value for a healthy gratuity. Should the Governor challenge him, he could provoke a vote against him. One of his jobs was to oversee the activities in the Punishment Dome, and he was in command of the guards. The Doctor and Peri freed a young rebel named Jondar, and escaped into the Dome. The Doctor later began to get through to the Governor that life on Varos could be improved and that they could get far more for their ore than what Galatron was paying. Escaping back into the Dome with Jondar, the Doctor laid a trap for the Chief Officer and scientist Quillam - head of research. They tied up bunches of toxic vines and cut them loose as the pair approached - killing them both.

Played by: Forbes Collins. Appearances: Vengeance on Varos (1985).

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