Sunday, 29 October 2017

C is for... Cline

A young soldier encountered by the Doctor, Donna and Martha on the planet Messaline. A group of humans was engaged in a long-running war against the piscine Hath, replenishing their numbers using genetic duplication generators. When the Doctor was forced by Cline to put his arm into one of these devices, a young woman was created. Donna called her Jenny - as she was a child of the generator. Cline found himself quite enamoured of her. His liking for her brought him into conflict with his commander, General Cobb. Donna discovered that the war had only been raging for a number of days, rather than years, as there had been hundreds of generations of warriors. The Doctor found the Source, which both sides were seeking. This proved to be a terraforming device. he operated it, and then brought the humans and Hath together, though Jenny was killed by Cobb. Cline was left to look after Jenny's body, and was shocked when she suddenly came back to life.

Played by: Joe Dempsie. Appearances: The Doctor's Daughter (2008).

  • At the time, Dempsie was best known for the E4 series Skins, but he is probably better known these days for his appearance in Game of Thrones.

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