Sunday, 8 October 2017

C is for... Chin Lee

Chin Lee was a captain in the Chinese People's Liberation Army, who was a senior member of the Chinese delegation to a world peace conference being held in London. Some time prior to this she had attended a demonstration of the Keller Process at a prison in Switzerland. Professor Emil Keller had developed a machine that could rehabilitate prisoners by removing hostile emotions from their minds. He was really the Master, and he brought Chin Lee under his mental domination. She accompanied him when he installed his machine at Stangmoor Prison in England. This was 12 months before the peace conference. The Master fitted her with a small electronic device, hidden behind the ear, which linked her to the machine - which was really the receptacle for an alien mind parasite. Chin Lee was forced to assassinate the Chinese delegate - harnessing the machine to frighten him to death - and to sow discord by stealing important documents. When Sergeant Benton tried to follow her, she used the machine to disable him. The Brigadier became suspicious when Chin Lee's story about finding the delegate's body did not add up. On hearing that a Chinese woman was causing problems at the conference, and that one was seen with Keller when he set up his machine at Stangmoor, the Doctor deduced that it must be the same person. An attempt to kill the American delegate was foiled when the Doctor and Brigadier arrived in time to stop her. She had appeared to Senator Alcott in the form of a Chinese dragon. The Doctor broke the Master's hypnotic hold over her and removed the electronic device.

Played by: Pik-Sen Lim. Appearances: The Mind of Evil (1971).

  • Looking for an actress to play the Captain, it was pointed out to the director, Tim Coombe, that the story's writer - Don Houghton - had a Chinese wife, who was also an actor. She assisted Jon Pertwee with some of the dialogue he had to use in scenes with the new Chinese delegate.

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