Monday, 16 October 2017

C is for... Clancey, Milo

An argonite miner, president of his own company based on the planet Lobos. He had once been a partner to Dom Issigri, working on the planet Ta, but the two had fallen out. Issigri had gone missing, presumed dead, and his daughter Madeleine always assumed that Clancey was somehow responsible. She took over operations on Ta, and despite the planet supposedly being mined out, made it a profitable venture. In reality, she was in league with pirates who were stealing argonite from other miners like Clancey, as well as breaking up government-owned navigation beacons made from the substance.
Clancey was one of the old-timers who had first explored the outer reaches of space, at a time when there was no law and order. As such he liked to do things his own way, and objected to having to conform to new procedures which the authorities tried to impose on him.
His ship was the LIZ 79, an antiquated craft in much need of repair.
General Hermack of the Space Corps suspected Clancey of being the leader of the pirates when he found the LIZ in the region of space where a beacon had just been destroyed. Clancey had been trying to track down the people who had stolen a shipment of argonite ore from him. He discovered a piece of beacon adrift, and on locking onto it found the Doctor and his companions aboard.
When it became clear that Hermack wanted to arrest him, he fled with the time travellers to hide on Ta, where he learned about Madeleine's involvement with the pirates, who were led by the sadistic Caven. He discovered that Dom was still alive, a captive of Caven.
The pirate tried to kill the pair by stranding them on a sabotaged LIZ, but the Doctor was able to talk Clancey through repairs over the ship's radio. Clancey and Dom were reconciled.

Played by: Gordon Gostelow. Appearances: The Space Pirates (1969).

  • Gostelow was born in New Zealand in 1925, dying in London in 2007, aged 82. One of his signature roles on stage and TV was that of Bardolph - Falstaff's fiery-faced friend in Henry IV Parts 1 & 2, and who is executed for theft from a church in Henry V. He also played Perks in a 1968 BBC version of The Railway Children. The BBC filmed this four times, and this is the only version that wasn't wiped.

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