Sunday, 22 October 2017

C is for... Cleaves

Miranda Cleaves was the team leader of an acid mining operation on 22nd Century Earth. The team were employed by the Morpeth Jetsan company, and were based in an old monastery building on an island. Owing to the hazardous nature of their work, Cleaves and her colleagues used avatars of themselves composed of a material known as the Flesh. These copies were known as Gangers, and they held the same memories and personal characteristics as their human originals. Shortly after the Doctor, Amy and Rory arrived on the island, a solar storm caused the Gangers to break their link to their originals, becoming independent beings. Horrified at the prospect of another version of herself existing, Cleaves wanted the Gangers destroyed. They were only copies after all. The Doctor tried to argue that they deserved existence of their own. The Doctor tried to bring the two groups together but Cleaves killed the Ganger version of colleague Buzzer with an electric shock.
The two groups went to war against each other, the Gangers spurred on by Jennifer, who wanted to start a Flesh revolution. Cleaves was hampered in her efforts to get her people off the island as her Ganger knew exactly how she would think and act. She eventually decided to heed what the Doctor had been saying, as the other Gangers deserted Jennifer. Cleaves was secretly harbouring an illness, an incurable blood clot to the brain.
The Ganger Cleaves sacrificed herself, alongside the Flesh version of the Doctor, to destroy Jennifer and to allow her human counterpart to escape in the TARDIS. The Doctor provided her with a cure for her condition, then dropped her off at the headquarters of Morpeth Jetsan to argue for Ganger rights.

Played by: Raquel Cassidy. Appearances: The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People (2011).

  • Cassidy had previously worked alongside Matt Smith in the drama series Party Animals. She has featured a number of times in Big Finish productions, including a recurring role in the Jago & Litefoot series.

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