Sunday, 22 October 2017

C is for... Clanton Family

A family of criminals who tried to take control of the town of Tombstone, Arizona. When the notorious gunfighter Doc Holliday set up a new dentist practice in the town, the Clanton brothers - Ike, Phineas and Billy - decided to get revenge on him, as he had shot dead their brother Reuben. They enlisted the help of another gunfighter - Seth "Snake-eyes" Harper. Whilst hanging out at the Last Chance Saloon, the Clantons saw Steven and Dodo arrive and book rooms for themselves and the Doctor, and they assumed this referred to Holliday. Holliday and his friend Marshal Wyatt Earp decided to allow the Clantons to believe that the Doctor was their target. The Doctor was taken into protective custody. When the Clantons tried to lynch Steven to force Earp to hand over their prisoner, Phineas was captured. Held in jail by Earp's brother Warren, the other brothers forced their way in - killing Warren and freeing Phineas. The Clanton's father backed his sons, but was horrified to learn that they were going to face Wyatt, his other brother Virgil, and Holliday in a gunfight at the town's OK Corral, as they didn't know Holliday had returned to Tombstone. All three brothers, as well as their partner Johnny Ringo, were shot dead.

Played by: William Hurndall (Ike), Maurice Good (Phineas), David Cole (Billy) and Reed de Rouen (Pa Clanton). Appearances: The Gunfighters (1966).

  • Reed de Rouen, who wrote a number of science fiction novels, co-wrote a Doctor Who story with Jon Pertwee - "The Spare-Part People". It wasn't commissioned.
  • Maurice Good introduced Phineas' stammer in rehearsals.
  • For the historical Clanton gang, I refer you to my recent "Inspirations" post for this story.

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