Monday, 2 October 2017

C is for... Chief Clown

One of the original members of the Psychic Circus. When it arrived on the planet Segonax, the circus members fell under the malign influence of the Gods of Ragnarok, and were tasked with keeping them entertained. Only the Chief Clown was human. All the other clowns were androids, created by Bellboy. When he and Flowerchild tried to run away, the Chief Clown pursued them - dressing up as funeral directors. The Chief Clown had become corrupted and was now sadistic and twisted, though his demeanour masked a fear of the Gods. He was determined to stay alive, even if it meant turning on his fellow circus members.
When the Doctor and his friends escaped from the circus, the Chief Clown gave chase along with his androids. They ran into the path of one of Bellboy's other robots, which shot them down.

Played by: Ian Reddington. Appearances: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (1988).

  • Reddington is best known for a pair of soap roles - as Tricky Dicky in Eastenders, and Vernon Tomlin in Coronation Street.
  • He has written a number of songs for his local football team - Sheffield Wednesday FC.


  1. Presume you mean the figurines. I have sometimes got them early - one time on the Saturday when they weren't expected until the following Thursday. I also subscribe to the Complete History partworks books - and they are nearly always late.