Sunday, 8 October 2017

C is for... Chip

A servant of the self-styled last human, Lady Cassandra. After she had apparently perished on Platform One, he salvaged her frame, brain and eyes and prepared a new flesh form using skin from her back. He secreted her in the basement of the hospital which served New New York on the planet of New Earth.
Chip, who had distinctive henna tattoos covering his body, was a force-bred clone, which meant that he had only a short life span. He was based on the person who had last told Cassandra that she was beautiful. Chip helped Cassandra to abduct Rose Tyler, in order that she could transfer her mind into her body. They then set about discovering the secrets of the Sisters of Plenitude who ran the hospital. Chip found himself fleeing when Cassandra released all of the infected new humans. Once they had been cured, the Doctor forced Cassandra to leave Rose's body. The devoted Chip allowed her to enter his body. The body then started to die, so the Doctor took Cassandra to see her earlier human self - that occasion when she had been told she was beautiful, thus inspiring her to later create Chip.

Played by: Sean Gallagher. Appearances: New Earth (2006).

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