Sunday, 22 October 2017

C is for... Cleaners

Robots which patrolled the walkways of the Paradise Towers residential complex. Their official designation was Robotic Self-Activating Megapodic Mark 7Z Cleaners. To make them more pleasing to the human eye, they were given stylised faces.
Their function was to work alongside the Caretaker staff in keeping the Towers clean and tidy. However, they were really under the control of the Great Architect, Kroagnon, whose disembodied intelligence was stored in the basement. Determined to create a new body for himself, he programmed the Cleaners to start killing the residents, bringing their corpses to him. Once Kroagnon had obtained a new body - that of the Chief Caretaker - he used the Cleaners to kill everyone, as he did not want humans spoiling his great work. As well as the robots, he utilised the automated waste disposal system to kill residents. Mel also discovered that the famous swimming pool at the top of the Towers had its own sub-aquatic cleaner - a yellow crab-like machine which tried to drown her. She destroyed it with Pex's gun. Some of the Cleaners were destroyed by the Kangs, shot by crossbow bolts.

Appearances: Paradise Towers (1987).

  • The Cleaners were added to Stephen Wyatt's scripts by producer JNT as he wanted the story to have a monster.

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