Sunday, 15 October 2017

C is for... Choristers

Red-robed men, with scarified decoration on their faces, from the Akhaten Ring system who sang to placate an ancient god. The principal singer was a young female, called the Queen of Years. At a ceremony which took place every 1000 years - the Festival of Offerings - the Queen would sing a never-ending song to ensure that the Old God - known as Grandfather - would remain asleep in his pyramid tomb, built on an asteroid in the ring system. To fail to do so would awaken him, and he would devour her. When the Doctor took Clara to see the Festival, having once gone there with Susan, the latest Queen - Merry - made a mistake and Grandfather began to awake. He appeared to be a mummified alien corpse. The principal Chorister attempted to sing Grandfather back to sleep but failed. He teleported away, leaving Merry to her fate. However, the real Old God was actually the system's sun, a parasite which fed on people's experiences.

Played by: Chris Anderson (Lead Chorister), Emilia Jones (Merry). Appearances: The Rings of Akhaten (2013).

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