Sunday, 1 October 2017

C is for... Cherub

Brutish, bald-headed pirate who was in the employ of Captain Pike. Pike had once been first mate with Captain Avery, and now ran his ship - The Black Albatross. He was looking for Avery's hidden treasure. Cherub tracked down one of the old crew - Joe Longfoot - who was now churchwarden in a small Cornish village. Longfoot refused to say where the treasure was concealed, and so Cherub killed him. He knew that the old man had spoken with the Doctor and his companions, and so followed them to the village inn. He knocked Ben unconscious and abducted the Doctor - taking him out to the Albatross. Cherub accompanied Pike to visit the local squire when they learned that he was head of the smugglers in this part of the country. They pretended they wanted to go into partnership. Once the treasure had been discovered, hidden in the church crypt, Pike suspected Cherub of wanting to steal it for himself, and so killed his first mate.

Played by: George A Cooper. Appearances: The Smugglers (1966).

  • Cooper is best remembered for the long-running role of Mr Griffiths, janitor at Grange Hill school.

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