Sunday, 8 October 2017

C is for... Chinn

A bumbling, petty-minded bureaucrat who was tasked with carrying out a security audit at UNIT HQ. He was a civil servant with the Ministry of Defence. He was annoyed that the Brigadier did not have any documentation regarding the Doctor. His inquiry coincided with the arrival of Axos. Chinn insisted on taking charge of the situation and ordered a missile strike, but the Axon ship time-jumped and landed safely next to the Nuton Power Complex. Chinn accompanied UNIT to the landing site and entered the ship with the Doctor, the Brigadier and two of the complex's personnel - its director, Sir George Hardiman, and its chief scientist, Winser.
When the Axons demonstrated the substance Axonite to them, Chinn was determined to secure this for Britain's exclusive use. He contacted his Minister and was granted special powers - bringing in the regular army to wrest control from UNIT.
The deal Chinn had set up was not what Axos wanted. It needed Axonite to be distributed across the entire planet. It had been brought to Earth by the Master, who was being held prisoner on board. He was released in order to ensure the spread of Axonite, by leaking information about it to the United Nations. Chinn was ordered to arrange for world-wide distribution, or else face being forced to resign. When Axos revealed its true plans, Chinn entirely missed what was going on and was shocked to find Sir George and Winser dead, and the complex under alien attack. He survived this, but it is unlikely he would have held onto his position after the complex was destroyed.

Played by: Peter Bathurst. Appearances: The Claws of Axos (1971).

  • Bathurst had previously played Governor Hensell in The Power of the Daleks.
  • He was one of the astronauts in the original Quatermass serial and had a recurring role in Barry Letts' and Terrance Dicks' ill-fated Moonbase 3.
  • Chinn isn't given a first name on screen, but the novelisation gives it as Horatio.

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