Sunday, 8 October 2017

C is for... Chimeron

The Chimeron people were being hunted to extinction by the mercenary Bannermen. Chimeron males were green-skinned, reptilian beings whilst their females looked like humans. A Chimeron Queen named Delta escaped with one of their eggs - that of a princess. She arrived at a Toll Port and joined a party of Navarino who were on their way to 1950's Earth as part of a musical nostalgia tour. Delta found herself siting next to Mel Bush, as she and the Doctor had won a trip with the tour. He chose to follow on in the TARDIS. Following a collision with a satellite, the tour ship crashlanded in Wales, outside the Shangri-La holiday camp. The Bannermen, led by Gavrok, gave chase. Mel saw the egg hatch. The baby was reptilian initially, but grew rapidly, transforming itself to look more humanoid.
The Chimeron life-cycle was similar to that of the bee, and they had a matriarchal society.
Delta informed the Doctor that she was going to take their case to an unspecified authority which could stop their persecution. She formed an attachment for a young man who worked at the camp - Billy. He saw that she fed the child with a nutrient-rich substance, and so stole some for himself - hoping that it would turn him into a Chimeron. When the Bannermen attacked, it was found that Chimeron children could emit a piercing cry which disabled their enemies. The Doctor used the princess' cries, amplified, to defeat the Bannermen, and Gavrok was killed when he fell into his own trap.

Billy did indeed begin to turn into a Chimeron. He and Delta left Earth with the princess, along with a number of Bannermen captives, to seek justice and to begin a new Chimeron race.

Played by: Belinda Mayne (Delta), Jessica McGough and Amy Osborn (Baby Princess), Laura Collins and Carley Joseph (older Chimeron Princess). Appearances: Delta and the Bannermen (1987).

  • Never mentioned on screen, the Chimeron planet is called Chumeria in the novelisation.

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