Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Totally Sonic-ed

You might be pleased to learn that as of June this year, "Sonic Screwdriver" joins "Dalek", "Cyberman" and "Tardis" in the Oxford English Dictionary. Not entirely sure how often people use "Cyberman" out of context, but visiting Glasgow as often as I do, where there are a number of Police Boxes, I hear everyone refer to them as a Tardis. People refer to any deceptively small space as being like a Tardis. I've heard dustbins referred to as Daleks, and some people have been called that - e.g. playwright Dennis Potter calling BBC chief John Birt one. Satirical magazine Private Eye used to depict him in cartoons as Davros. Some UK politicians have used the name to refer to their opposition colleagues. The entry in the OED will mention the fictional screwdriver's history - such as its introduction in Fury from the Deep, and apparent destruction in The Visitation, but it also mentions real life attempts to create one - such as at Dundee University.

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