Sunday, 2 April 2017

B is for... Blasco, Dee Dee

A student who accompanied Professor Hobbes on his trip to the planet Midnight. The Doctor met her when they took the Crusader 50 tour across the planet's surface together. Though only a second-year student, Hobbes had been impressed with a paper she had written on the Lost Moon of Poosh, and so had made her his assistant. When an alien entity invaded the tour bus and took over Sky Sylvestre, Dee Dee wasn't caught up in the panic and paranoia quite as much as the other passengers, managing to observe what was going on and try to work things out logically. Hobbes turned on her - saying she was an average student at best. When it looked like the entity had passed into the Doctor, Dee Dee was against throwing him outside. She realised what the entity was doing, along with the Stewardess, who sacrificed herself to drag Sky out of the vehicle.

Played by: Ayesha Antoine. Appearances: Midnight (2008).

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