Tuesday, 25 April 2017

B is for... Blue, Journey

A young woman who was rescued by the Doctor seconds before her spacecraft was destroyed by the Daleks. She was a soldier, based on the Aristotle, a vessel belonging to the Anti-Dalek Alliance. Her brother was killed when her ship was attacked, and the Doctor materialised the TARDIS around her at the last moment. She tried to commandeer the ship, but the Doctor was able to quickly gain her trust. He took her back to the Aristotle, which was commanded by her uncle, Colonel Morgan Blue. He was all set to execute the Doctor, but relented when he thought he could help with a captive Dalek which appeared to have turned against its own kind. Journey lead the team that was miniaturised and injected into the Dalek in order to examine it. Apart from the Doctor and Clara, she was the only survivor of the mission - the others falling prey to the Dalek's automated defences.
Journey was ready to give up her life on the spaceship in order to go travelling with the Doctor, but this particular incarnation of the Time Lord harboured a strong dislike of soldiers, and he refused to take her.

Played by: Zawe Ashton. Appearances: Into The Dalek (2014).

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