Sunday, 2 April 2017

B is for Blake, Major

Officer in charge of UNIT's HQ, built beneath the Tower of London, in 2006. When the Guinevere One space probe began transmitting images of alien lifeforms back to Earth on Christmas morning, Blake was joined by Prime Minister Harriet Jones, and Daniel Llewellyn, the space mission's director. Blake was able to confirm that the aliens were not Martians. He witnessed the Sycorax hypnotic blood control - which caused one third of the Earth's population to ascend to high locations, apparently conditioned into jumping to their deaths. Along with Jones' senior aide, Alex Klein, Blake, Llewellyn and the Prime Minister were teleported up to the Sycorax spaceship once it had parked itself over central London. The Sycorax leader killed Llewellyn, and when Blake challenged this deplorable treatment of prisoners he too was killed.

Played by: Chu Omambala. Appearances: The Christmas Invasion (2005).

  • No first name is given on screen, but visitors to the BBC's UNIT website could discover that the Major was named Richard.

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