Friday, 21 April 2017

April Figurines

Three figurines this month - the two regular releases plus the latest larger sized special edition.
The former comprise the Destroyer, from Battlefield, and the Veil, from Heaven Sent.
The Destroyer is bound with a flexible chain. He's a little more silvery than he looked on TV, though he was shot mostly in the gloom.
If you want to know what the Veil looks like under its shroud, forget it. The face is just a black blank. The oddest thing about this figurine is its misshapen feet, because these were never really noticeable in the programme. No wonder the poor thing walked so slowly.

The larger special edition figurine is King Hydroflax, from The Husbands of River Song. I wouldn't say this is a great likeness of Greg Davies. The head also looks far too big. Most of the time, the actor playing the robot body was looking out of a panel in the chest. This is a remodel of the robots that appeared in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, so you can see the scale is all wrong.
Next month, we get the Cyber-Controller from Attack of the Cybermen and, if the preview photo is to be believed, they've got rid of the paunch. Joining him will be the Black Dalek from Dalek Invasion of Earth. In June we hit issue 100, and that will be the Roger Delgado Master (Hooray!). He'll be joined by a Tetrap (Boo!). The next special edition will be the Daemon, Azal.

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