Sunday, 2 April 2017

B is for... Blake, Ursula

Ursula Blake was one of a group who were obsessed with the Doctor. She wrote a blog about him, and once saw him in Trafalgar Square on the night after the Sycorax spaceship had been destroyed. Fellow obsessive Elton Pope came across this blog, and learned that Ursula lived near him. She introduced him to her group, which Elton later named LINDA - London Investigation 'N' Detective Agency. The group became firm friends, and shared their interests beyond learning about the Doctor. Ursula sang and played a number of instruments. The group was then taken over by a man named Victor Kennedy, who insisted that they refocus their energies on finding the Doctor. Elton and Ursula became very fond of each other, though both were too shy to admit their true feelings. Ursula was not afraid to stand up to Kennedy, especially when he threatened Elton. She and Mr Skinner quit the group with Elton once they got fed up of Kennedy's bullying ways. Their walk-out was marred when Mr Skinner was talked into staying behind with Kennedy, and then Ursula realised she had left her phone behind. Skinner had become the latest victim of Kennedy's true form - the Abzorbaloff. Ursula was then absorbed. Ursula lead her friends in attacking the Abzorbaloff from within - allowing Elton to seize and break his cane, which controlled his absorption powers. Without it, he was absorbed into the earth, along with his victims. The Doctor was able to partially save the last victim - Ursula - as a face embedded in a concrete paving slab. Her mind and personality were retained, and Elton took her home to live with him.

Played by: Shirley Henderson. Appearances: Love & Monsters (2006).

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