Tuesday, 11 April 2017

B is for... Blue, Colonel Morgan

Commander of the troops stationed on the former medical ship Aristotle. He was part of a resistance alliance who were waging a war against the Daleks. His team captured a badly damaged Dalek which appeared to oppose its own kind. When the Doctor rescued his niece and brought her aboard the spaceship, Colonel Blue was still prepared to summarily execute him, as it was known that the Daleks used human duplicates as spies. On hearing that he was a doctor, he introduced him to the Dalek patient and tasked him with helping it. He permitted the Doctor to leave to fetch Clara to assist him, trusting him to return. When the miniaturised Doctor and his friends repaired the Dalek from within, it broke free and began to exterminate Blue's troops. The ship then came under attack from more Daleks, who had been alerted to the Aristotle's location hidden in an asteroid field. Clara was able to reboot the memories that had caused the damaged Dalek to turn against its own kind. It stopped killing the Colonel's men, and fired upon the Dalek attackers, destroying them all. The Dalek then agreed to transmit a signal to the fleet claiming that the Aristotle had been destroyed, so that the Colonel and his troops could escape.

Played by: Michael Smiley. Appearances: Inside The Dalek (2014).

  • This episode was directed by Ben Wheatley, who employs Michael Smiley on a regular basis. He is probably best known for his regular appearances as the manic bike courier Tyres O'Flaherty in the Simon Pegg / Jessica Hynes comedy series Spaced. He once shared a flat with Pegg.

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