Sunday, 2 April 2017

B is for... Blake, Josiah

A member of the King's Revenue Men, encountered by the Doctor, Ben and Polly in late 17th Century Cornwall. Blake was investigating a smuggling ring operating out of the village close to where the TARDIS had landed. At first, Ben and Polly suspected that he was the murderer of church warden Joseph Longfoot, when they found him exploring secret passages in the church crypt. Blake in turn thought the strangers to be in league with the smugglers. He soon learned that the local squire was in charge of the smuggling operation. The Doctor sent Blake to call up reinforcements when the pirate captain Pike and his men arrived in search of the treasure of Captain Avery and intent on stealing the smugglers' loot. Blake saved the Doctor's life - shooting Pike dead.

Played by: John Ringham. Appearances: The Smugglers (1966).

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