Saturday, 10 November 2012

The New Cybermen

Normally I avoid spoilers like the plague, but came across the Cyber-redesign when I looked at the SFX website. (There was an image on the home-page, so it was there - staring you in the face, damage done). The pictures come from here:

Naturally, avoid if you want the new look to be a surprise. To be honest, they will probably feature in the pre-publicity anyway - and pictures are hard to avoid even now if you Google Image "Cybermen".
I suppose plot spoilers are far more important than visuals. For me, how they are used will be the most significant thing - not what they look like. The Cybermen have been woefully utilised of late and it's about time they were treated with some proper respect. If their re-imagined heads blow up every time someone feels a bit lovey-dovey, I won't be impressed.

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