Sunday, 18 November 2012

How did you rate the Hartnell era?

This blog is well into reviewing the Patrick Troughton era, so I thought I'd try a little experiment - using your unwitting assistance. Now, this is far from exact science, but I thought I would go into the blog stats and see which Hartnell stories were the most popular in terms of post views. You could be considered a random sample - with an interest in Doctor Who your only connection, I know you span all 5 continents but I have no idea of the demographic beyond that.
I figured that story titles involving real historical events / people might be quite high - due to people coming across them by accident. Equally, anything with the word Dalek in it might also skew the raw data. Turns out these factors played only a slight role - mainly I suspect the top of my list. The lowest rated story is also the name of a shop - so it doesn't necessarily follow that people view posts by accident all the time.
It will be interesting to compare this with, say, the DWM 200 list. Here goes...

1. The Daleks
2. The Dalek Invasion of Earth
3. The Web Planet
4. The Reign of Terror (highest historical)
5. The Keys of Marinus
6. An Unearthly Child
7. The Time Meddler
8. The Chase
9= Marco Polo
9= Planet of Giants
9= The Space Museum
12. The Myth Makers
13. The Tenth Planet
14. The Sensorites
15. Edge of Destruction
16. The Daleks Master Plan
17. The Rescue
18. The Crusade
19. The Celestial Toymaker
20. The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve
21= Mission to the Unknown (lowest Dalek story)
21= The Smugglers
23= The Ark
23= The Savages
23= The War Machines
26. The Aztecs
27. The Romans
28. The Gunfighters (lowest historical)
29. Galaxy 4

Like I said, not exactly scientific method. Some of the lower rated stories do have common key words in them whereby more people might have chanced upon posts by error, so I think it stands up pretty well. Pity poor Galaxy 4. Despite a couple of hundred people viewing my blog every day, it has only ever had 5 direct hits. Do let me know your favourite story (general), Dalek and historical - and equally your least - and we can compare.

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