Sunday, 18 November 2012

That Was The Week That Was 18.11.12

The only real news in town this week has obviously been the prequel, story title (The Snowmen) and trailer for this year's Christmas Special - all revealed as part of the BBC's annual fundraiser Children in Need.
Smith and J-LC teased about her character's relationship to the person we saw in Asylum of the Daleks. The name Clara, which has been heard throughout filming of Series 7 Part 2 episodes has just slipped out without any kind of fanfare.
From the trailer it would appear that she is a Victorian governess, but I suspect things are far more complicated than that...
I'm still unsure about evil snowmen as a monster. They certainly look sinister, but I'm worried the number of Christmas icons that can be subverted is running dry.

Issue 454 of DWM came out on Thursday. I've already posted on the new series items contained within - basically Stephen Thompson's TARDIS-centric episode. One other news item worth mentioning is the imminent HD release of the two 1960's Peter Cushing / Dalek movies.
I'm very pleased to report that I have so far managed to avoid watching - or even reading about - that appalling reality show that Baker (C) has got himself mired in. Didn't he learn anything from appearing in Vengeance on Varos? Have a listen to this:

Lastly, whilst skimming through the SFX website I thought I'd come upon more pictures of the new Cybermen. Turned out it was actually Christopher Eccleston filming at Greenwich for the new Thor film, in which he plays the baddie. At a glance, those guys at the back do look a bit Cyberman-ish, don't they?

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