Sunday, 25 March 2018

D is for... de Bergerac

The famous French swordsman and man of letters, Cyrano de Begerac was summoned up by the Master of the Land of Fiction to fight against the Doctor's hero, D'Artagnan. When the Musketeer began to gain the upper hand, the Master replaced him with Blackbeard the Pirate.

Played by: David Cannon. Appearances: The Mind Robber (1968).

  • de Bergerac was a real historical figure -Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac (1619 - 1655) but his exploits were fictionalised in an 1897 play by Edmond Rostad.

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  1. The image of M. de Bergerac that comes to me is always that of Eric Morecambe in the part, in the play wot Ernie Wise wrote......