Sunday, 27 October 2013

That Was The Week That Was 27.10.13

Still no trailer for The Day of the Doctor. I really did think the 4 week mark might have been the time to release one, but no. What have been announced this week are the details of the UK and US cinema screenings (Australian and New Zealand ones were announced earlier). Personally, I would prefer to watch it in the comfort of my own home, in old fashioned 2D.
The Science of Doctor Who - presented by Prof. Brian Cox - will be broadcast at 9pm on Thursday 14th November.
A couple of new images were released from An Adventure In Space And Time - featuring the first Dalek story, and Ian and Barbara's first entrance into the TARDIS in the pilot episode.

And that's about it really. I had hoped to give you my opinion on Marcus Hearn's The Vault book - but the postman is still to deliver it. With the biggest storm in more than 10 years on its way tonight, I may have to wait a bit longer for it...


  1. I'm with you on the 2d at home experience. As a glasses (not contacts) wearer, 3d movies are just a headache for me. But you're waiting for The Vault reminds me to check on the The Light at the End, which I heard was released early but I haven't received notification of availability yet from my preorder ...

    1. Am not a Big Finish subscriber but did read that it is only the "deluxe" version of The Light at the End... that has been released early. The standard version isn't out yet as far - as I'm aware.