Monday, 7 October 2013

Is all this fuss just about Underwater Menace 2?

Could all this fuss about lost episodes being found simply just be about the already discovered Episode 2 of The Underwater Menace? That it is being released on i-Tunes etc in advance of the DVD release - in the same way The Tenth Planet got an early release in the "Regenerations" Box Set, and Terror of the Zygons formed part of the Fourth Doctor collection? Some new series prequels have been released to i-Tunes before being made available elsewhere.
So, no new episodes at all - just a pre-DVD release for the last of the two episodes found in 2011.

Tuesday 8th October Update: Note to self. Don't talk so much rubbish in future.

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  1. The reports mentioned TWO stories from Troughton's era, brother. Enemy and Web likeliest candidates.