Thursday, 3 October 2013

Landmarks No.38

The return of the Daleks (though there is only one on show).
The full background to the Time War is  revealed.
A new companion - the first male one since Turlough.
RTD deliberately held the Daleks back to the mid point of the new series - to give it a second publicity boost. For a time, use of the creatures was not guaranteed by the Nation estate, and so the Toclafane were devised.
The story shows just how deadly a single Dalek can be. The new version has a sturdier look, and it can swivel its mid-section to fire in any direction. It can clearly fly (not just implied as before). The sink plunger kills. It has a forcefield that dissolves bullets. Most importantly, Davros is nowhere in sight. The Daleks haven't had a story to themselves since 1974.
We've been drip fed some information about the war. We know that the Time Lords have been destroyed and other races affected by it. The Doctor is the last of his kind, and he is angry and bitter about it. Now we learn that the war was fought between the Daleks and the Time Lords - and the Doctor was responsible for destroying both sides. He's naturally horrified to discover that it might all have been in vain.
Adam Mitchell is introduced, though he won't make it beyond the next story. Turns out he's there just to show how good Rose is ("I only travel with the best..."). Another male companion is waiting in the wings - a soldier to help fight in the upcoming battle at the end of the series.
The story also features a Revenge style Cyberman helmet. They won't be coming back until Series 2.

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