Sunday, 13 October 2013

That Was The Week That Was 13.10.13

You wait for years for missing episodes to turn up and then suddenly there's a complete story, and an almost complete one. The Enemy of the World should hopefully get a reappraisal now that there is more to see than that rather unexciting corridor-based episode. A great shame that Nick Courtney's first episode as Lethbridge-Stewart still eludes us, but I'm sure they are beavering away on the animation for part three of The Web of Fear for the February 2014 DVD release.
I was rather negative through the week - not about the finds themselves (which are downright brilliant), but about the manipulation and the flogging of them on i-Tunes. Personally, I am certainly not going to purchase the Enemy episodes - not when the DVD is only six weeks away. I think I would prefer to wait for Web on DVD as well - especially considering that those episodes have not been fully remastered (they've been cleaned up for i-Tunes, but not to DVD quality).

It's been very quiet on The Day of the Doctor front - though things start to heat up with the next issue of SFX (in the shops from Wednesday 16th). It features a Day cover and includes some new photographs. You can see a preview on the Cultbox website. BBC America continues its fine tradition of spoilers - stating that the special episode was going to be shown at 2.45pm EST - meaning a UK screening of 7.45pm GMT.
This information was quickly pulled by them, but I think we can safely say that time makes sense.
OK magazine is reported to have stated that the story also features Catherine Tate...

Madam Vastra and Strax won't be bowing out with the demise of the Eleventh Doctor. According to Neve McIntosh (in a Daily Record interview) the Paternoster Gang will be appearing with the Twelfth Doctor in Series 8. Neve says that, were there ever to be a spin-off, she'd like it to be more adult, but I've always thought any such project should be on CBBC. Not just because of the obvious humour, but because of positive minority role models.

On the subject of Silurians (lesbian or otherwise) subscribers received their two new figurines this week (as well as a free display base which weighs a ton and can accommodate 10 figures). The Weeping Angel was in the shops as of Thursday, but we also got a Series 5 Silurian Warrior. Again, the quality is superb, with some very fine detail.
I also received a copy of the "50 Years: The Essential Guide" book this week. Nothing new for hardcore fans, but I think it would make a fantastic present for someone new to the programme. Tons of photos and features on each Doctor - including their companions and a look at some of their key stories.

Looking forward to the week ahead, tomorrow sees the release of The Tenth Planet on DVD. There's also that new issue of SFX with the Anniversary Special coverage, and the two-covers-to-collect Issue 466 of DWM. What chance a trailer for Day any time soon? I've given up watching Atlantis (god, it's rubbish - Agents of SHIELD is ten times better. Samuel L Jackson's cameo at the end of part two was hilarious), so do let me know if I miss anything...

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