Monday, 7 October 2013

More on the (allegedly) found episodes...

From the Radio Times.
A bit confusing. Seems some episodes have indeed been found - and two of them are going to be put "on sale to the public" via i-tunes from Wednesday (so just wait a bit and check youtube). They are talking about 2 episodes but there is a reference to a load more. Only Troughton stories are mentioned.
Frankly, if this does all pan out, it seems a bit cynical to tie it in with the Anniversary and charge people for episodes commercially. They'll charge again when it comes to the DVD releases. They must have been sitting on this news for months. Are fans being being manipulated?


  1. You bet your bottom dollar we are! I've been following this for months over the various forums and you can bet the beeb will milk this for all its worth. The 90 or so eps have been back for a while now, but there will continue to be piecemeal announcements to maximise the excitement and therefore the amount fans are likely to shell out.

  2. Let's wait and see what happens Wednesday. I've been moaning about BBC Worldwide for a while - the early releases of "Zygons" as part of an expensive box-set, and "Tenth Planet" as part of an expensive box-set. I think that now we are running low on new DVD releases, they are going to milk us to the maximum.
    I know for a fact that "Earthshock" is going to get a "Special Edition" release - even though they said they might not do any more of these. Fact is, people have confirmed they have contributed to this, and where do you think the second half of the "Television Centre of the Universe" (on the Visitation DVD) documentary is going to go?
    They lie, They steal.