Thursday, 17 October 2013

Landmarks No.42

Army of Ghosts / Doomsday.
The first proper companion departure of the new series.
Daleks meet Cybermen on screen for the very first time.
The Cult of Skaro.
Return for Mickey.
The return to Pete's World.
That surprise appearance by Catherine Tate at the end - setting things up for the next Christmas Special.
Rose was so much more than just the Doctor's companion. There was that obvious mutual romantic connection, so we wondered what could possibly happen to make her leave him. Everything seemed to be pointing towards death. Having her (apparently) cut off forever in an alternative universe was a stroke of genius by RTD. Shame in some ways that he later found a way to get round it.
Nice to see Mickey back in the series again, and Jackie gets to have her husband back - sort of.
The Daleks are developed further with the creation of the Cult. A clique of Daleks with names, who were encouraged to think in non-Dalek ways. Their initial appearance makes for one of the best cliffhangers ever.
The much anticipated Dalek - Cyberman confrontation is a little too brief and hence disappointing. There is still an opportunity for a future writer to tackle a real full-on Dalek-Cyber War.
Tate's Donna Noble will go on to polarise fan opinion. Personally, I have always been in the Pro-camp.

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