Sunday, 9 December 2012

That Was The Week That Was 9.12.12

Publicity stepped up a gear this week for The Snowmen, which we now know will be broadcast at 5.15pm on Christmas Day. A large number of photographs have been released - generally of characters and non-spoilery (though one has raised some speculation - especially after the BBC withdrew it). The press kit with a series of interviews has also been released, and there are already a few press previews. From these we learned of the redesigned TARDIS control room, and of the involvement of Sir Ian McKellen. One item of note from the Radio Times preview is that there are four things which the producers asked not be written about. See my post yesterday where I quote Steven Moffat on the rest of Series 7 - including some intriguing teasers about his finale. It comes from SFX 230 which has a Doctor Who cover and will be in the shops mid-week.

The cover and packaging for the next issue of DWM, due on Thursday, has been released. The Fact of Fiction piece will be on The Next Doctor. The following Thursday (20th) sees the release of the next DWM Special Edition - covering the whole of Series 7 Part 1, including Pond Life and the two Script to Screen productions.

Some 2013 DVD news. There are Special Editions of The Visitation and Earthshock planned. The former is confirmed, whilst the latter is implied as David Cyberleader Banks says he has contributed to a commentary.
The Ark in Space will have a movie version included - i.e. edited together. Frazer Hines says he has worked on a commentary for The Ice Warriors, and a trailer for this story has been completed - suggesting a 2013 release.
Very good news about the Terror of the Zygons release - it will have new material included for episode one. This is some extra footage of the Doctor's arrival with Harry and Sarah, which was retained by the film editor.

The cover artwork has been released for The Reign of Terror.

Lastly, sad news to end on. Sir Patrick Moore passed away at his home earlier this afternoon. Since 1957 he presented the monthly astronomy programme The Sky at Night. He only ever missed one episode, and was the longest serving presenter of a single TV programme in the world. Back in the 1960's, he was approached about a scientific advisor role on Doctor Who but declined. He appeared in a cameo in The Eleventh Hour - one of the panel of experts the Doctor hacks into. A bit of television history gone.

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