Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Laser Monkeys!

Do you remember all the talk about a spin-off series for Madame Vastra and Jenny after A Good Man Goes To War? Now that Dan Starkey's Strax is back onboard, I think the idea should be seriously considered - and I'd like to see it on CBBC. A few days ago there was a news story about the BBC being encouraged to have a higher gay profile (mainly - but not exclusively - regarding presenters). It is all about promoting positive role models. Doctor Who was actually cited for its positivity in this area.
So, how about a lesbian couple fighting crime in the Victorian era - with added comedy Sontaran butler in tow? The Snowmen is going to be shown way before the watershed next week - so I don't see it being any problem for CBBC to have a programme featuring the exploits of the Paternoster Gang. If you look at the new clip released onto You Tube on Tuesday (below), the comic potential is obvious. By all means keep Wizards Versus Aliens, but let's have some more canonical Doctor Who CBBC spin-off material, now that SJA is sadly no more. If we can't get a series, then at least a one-off special in the Golden Anniversary year should be the order of the day. I want to see those automated laser monkeys!!!

Update - unfortunately the BBC have blocked this video (after half the planet has already seen it). The person who put up the BBC message seems to think that BBC Worldwide is a person - the poor deluded soul...

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