Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Countdown 14 - Attack of the Graske

Back in 2005, The Christmas Invasion wasn't the only thing to look forward to on 25th December. Anyone with a red button service on their TV, or access to the official website, could take part in the interactive adventure Attack of the Graske.
The Doctor addressed the viewers directly - stating that he had been watching us at the same time we had been watching him. He invited us to become his temporary companions - using the Sonic to upgrade our TV remotes. The adventure, written by Gareth Roberts, involved us identifying who - in a series of Christmas themed vignettes - had been replaced by a changeling. This was the work of the diminutive Graske. You would watch each brief scene then vote on who had been swapped (clue - their eyes glowed).
There were also a number of puzzles to solve. At the conclusion we had a cameo from a Slitheen in a vault where the replaced people were being stored.
Far from complex - just a bit of fun after the Christmas Special.
The Graske would become a recurring character in the Sarah Jane Adventures (employed by the Trickster). Their blue faced cousins - the Groske - appear in Death of the Doctor. A Graske caused havoc at the Albert Hall during the first Doctor Who Prom (the Music of the Spheres sequence).
You'll also spot one in the alien bar scene at the end of The End of Time Part 2 - when the Doctor hooks Captain Jack up with Midshipman Frame. Throughout, the Graske / Groske has been played by Jimmy Vee.

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