Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Countdown 12 - Let It Snow...

There was a running joke throughout the Tenth Doctor's time that snow at Christmas was rarely anything of the kind. At the end of The Christmas Invasion, snow started to fall on the Powell Estate in South London. Unfortunately, as the Doctor pointed out, it was actually ash - the pulverised remains of the Sycorax and their spaceship, which had been destroyed by Torchwood on PM Harriet Jones' orders.

Christmas 2007 experienced unseasonably mild weather - the trees even managing to hold onto their leaves... With no snow, the Doctor decided to create his own. The TARDIS fired a rocket into the sky and snow began to fall. I assume this was some kind of chemical cloud seeding.

The following year, there is no sign of snow when the Doctor, Astrid and the others transmat down to do some late night Christmas shopping. Later, when he travels down with Mr Copper to retrieve the TARDIS, we see that it has been snowing - but this proves to be ballast from the Titanic is space.

Finally, when the TARDIS materialises in London, Christmas  Eve 1851, the Doctor gets some real snow. The Waters of Mars was originally going to be broadcast at Christmas - hence the snow in the street outside Adelaide Brook's house, which the Doctor comments on. The only snow on screen at Christmas 2009 was on the Ood-Sphere.

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