Sunday, 30 December 2012

That Was The Week That Was 30.12.12

Only one real story this week - the latest Doctor Who Christmas Special was broadcast on Tuesday evening, and had a very respectable 7.59 million overnight viewers. That made it the 5th most watched programme of the day. We've since had the BBC3 repeat, plus there will be the time-shifted viewers to be added, which should take it closer to the figures which the soaps achieved.
ITV's flagship series Downton Abbey got about half a million viewers less than Doctor Who got. People obviously prefer their period drama with added monsters.
I must admit that, due to working across the festive period, I haven't even looked for the Madam Vastra red button minisode, let alone seen it.
It was a much better Special than the previous offering - which wasn't even redeemed by a "Coming Soon" trailer. I posted the other day my thoughts about the new Series 7 Part 2 trailer.

The 50th Anniversary year starts in about - ooh - 26 hour's time. We have been informed that, as of March, the Royal Mail will be issuing Doctor Who stamps - one for each Doctor plus 4 of the monsters. It will be strange getting a letter with Jon Pertwee or Patrick Troughton on the top right corner of the envelope - or using Colin Baker to help pay your gas bill.

After losing long-time friend of the programme, Gerry Anderson, earlier in the week, we then lost the composer Sir Richard Rodney Bennett, who provided the incidental music for The Aztecs (which just happens to be due out in March as a Special Edition DVD).
Unless there is a major breaking piece of news, there won't be a TW3 next Sunday. Instead, there will be a special TWTYTW - That Was The Year That Was.

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