Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas Countdown 8 - Get Stuffed...

No - I'm not being rude to you. I am, of course, referring to the traditional annual overindulgence that is the Christmas Dinner. In Britain, this usually involves roast turkey and stuffing (goose for posh people and traditionalists). When I was a lad, we only ever ate turkey at Christmas. That was before a certain Norfolk turkey farmer realised that he could sell his product throughout the year and not just at Christmas - so he started producing turkey burgers, sausages, mince, escalopes, rashers, etc, etc, etc. Now we eat turkey all year long - but still go through the tribulations of cooking an enormous bird at the festive period.
At the end of the first Christmas Special, once the Sycorax have been defeated, the Doctor is happy to sit down to dinner with Mickey and the Tylers.
A year later, still suffering from the loss of Rose, he has no appetite for Christmas dinner - though maybe he just wanted to avoid an evening with Sylvia Noble.
The first sitting for dinner on the Titanic is interrupted by meteoroids, so we're not sure if he was going to enjoy a meal that year.

After defeating Miss Hartigan and the Cyberking, the Doctor does not want to dine - but Jackson Lake manages to talk him into joining him for a typical Victorian repast.

It is the Master who has food on his mind at Christmas in The End of Time Part 1. He's devoured a burger, and a couple of homeless people, but still has room for a whole chicken when he gets to the Naismith mansion. The Doctor is too busy tracking him down to eat.

In A Christmas Carol the Doctor experiences several Christmas Eves with Abigail and young Kazran Sardick. He has an early Christmas dinner with Abigail's family during one of these.
In last year's special, the Doctor is seen to keep a low profile with the reunited Arwell family - preferring to remain up in the attic. Madge talks him into seeing his friends - so he turns up at the Pond household. Amy and Rory reveal that they have always kept a place for him - just in case.

The Doctor is in a dark place at the moment, since losing the Ponds. Will the Paternoster Gang manage to talk him into joining them for another Victorian Christmas dinner - or Clara, or the Latimer family? We'll find out not long after we've polished off our own dinners, in fifteen day's time. Buuuurp. Pardon me!

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