Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas Countdown 11 - Scrooge

Following on from yesterday's Dickensian Christmas Countdown item, let's take a closer look at A Christmas Carol. Principal guest star Michael Gambon plays Kazran Sardick - the Ebenezer Scrooge figure of the tale. He is a miserable old git who hates the Christmas period, and children, and only wants to make money and retain power. He's happy to let thousands of people die in a spaceship crash when he has the means to save them. The Doctor is inspired by the Dickens story to try to get him to change his ways. The Doctor takes on the role of the Ghost of Christmas Past - travelling back to meet the young Kazran and learn how he came to be the man he now is - and to start changing things for the better. A hologram of Amy is the Ghost of Christmas Present. Who is the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come? Kazran himself - when his younger self gets to see his bitter older self.
As with the Dickens story - we do get redemption at the end.

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