Sunday, 23 December 2012

That Was The Week That Nearly Wasn't 23.12.12

Biggest news of the week, obviously, is that you are still able to enjoy a TW3 today (renamed this week in honour of the non-event), and we are still on course for The Snowmen on Tuesday. Yes, the world did not end this week, and believers in the Mayan doomsday scenario have been shown to be just as deluded as every other doomsday cultist. (Other cults are available). I have read somewhere that January 1st 2017 is the next date on which it might be best to stay in bed.
Of course, the world wouldn't dare end while Doctor Who is in production - BBC, please take note.

In far more sensible Doctor Who news, the biggest story of the week has been the additional Paternoster Gang material - with a new prequel (to the Prequel) and the promise of a special red button mini-sode next week (possibly prequelling the prequel to the Prequel). The best BBC advent calendar material released so far was on Friday - with Strax's hilarious alternative Christmas Carols.

We also got a teaser - featuring the dulcet tones of Sir Ian McKellen, which I posted about yesterday.
Earlier in the week the covers were released for the next DVD set (The Legacy Box - due 7th January).

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