Thursday, 13 December 2012

DWM Series 7 Snippets

The new DWM - in the shops today - has a runthrough of the second half of Series 7, courtesy of Steven Moffat's Production Notes. Naturally he doesn't actually want to give anything away - but there are a couple of items of interest. It is his first episode which is a type of urban thriller. Neil Cross's first episode promises something "awesome and amazing". Mark Gatiss' base-under-siege story will apparently "explode fanboys' hearts" - so expect the return of something from the past? Lastly, the Cyberman story is going to include a Cyber-something else - which is supposed  to be "disgusting" (his italics).
Filming on the finale episode was completed on 1st December, and the stories will be broadcast from April 2013 (so not Easter Saturday, as that falls on 30th March). The 50th Anniversary tale commences filming that month, and is described as a "love letter to fans".
By the way, Moffat is inviting questions for his next Production Notes - e-mail to

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