Sunday, 16 December 2012

That Was The Week That Was 16.12.12

The main flurry of publicity for The Snowmen was last week - and there has been little new this week. We had the BBC America trailer, with the Ice Governess - but I've already posted on that. Then there was the new issue (455) of DWM. Again, I have already posted on the main Series 7 items that contained.
The popular website has this week posited a very good question - namely "What about Series 8?" We know that they have finished principal photography on the second half of Series 7, and that the Anniversary Special starts filming in April, but when do they start filming the next series and when might it be broadcast?

The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular has been wowing them in Sydney's Opera House since yesterday. This is one of many videos already uploaded onto You Tube (most are up in the gods, however, and you hear more of the audience than the music). I fully expect the UK to get its own concert(s) as part of the anniversary celebrations.

BBC newsreader Kenneth Kendall passed away this week at the age of 88. He played himself in The War Machines - the first in a long line of genuine broadcasters appearing as themselves in the programme. He was also well known in Britain for presenting Treasure Hunt. He would be based in the studio with the contestants, whilst Anneka Rice gallivanted round scenic parts of the country.

One thing to look forward to in the coming week is the DWM Series 7 Part 1 Special - out on Thursday 20th. Also, Matt Smith will be appearing on the Graham Norton Show on Friday 21st - so expect a new clip from The Snowmen.

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