Thursday 19 November 2020

The Sentinel of the Fifth Galaxy / DALEKS!

The second instalment of the animated Dalek series has now premiered on the Doctor Who YouTube channel. 
Last week we saw the Daleks trundle into a trap, and this time we get to see what that trap entails. It's basically a big green lighting effect, which is supposed to be some sort of extra-temporal entity. It chases the Daleks back to Skaro, and we see the city exactly as it appeared in The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar.
The planet falls, though we hear this but don't really see it. This is a problem this week. Later there is a battle between two Dalek factions and they just hover and shoot at each other. They don't seem to hit anything, yet we are told that one side is beating the other. It's just not apparent on screen.
Before we get to the battle, only the Emperor's ship seems to have survived, and he sets off to find reinforcements. There are 10,000 of them stored on a planet, guarded by the Sentinel of the title. Half the episode is taken up between the Strategist talking to the Sentinel, which is a rather stereotypical cartoon robot. It is voiced by Joe Suggs, who - according to Google, I had to look him up - is an "Internet Celebrity". I certainly didn't recognise the voice, so they could have hired any old actor.
The green lighting effect has got to the planet first, and turned the reinforcements against the Emperor - hence the big battle, which is just a glorified son et lumiere show.
The Emperor legs it once again, with the green lighting effect still in pursuit. A Dalek on the bridge explodes for no reason whatsoever...
As with last week's initial instalment, Daleks on their own are pretty boring. Only the Strategist has any kind of personality, but it's all one note. This really needs human characters.

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