Thursday 29 July 2021

And they're off...!

 Officially announced by the BBC this afternoon that both Jodie W and Chris Chibnall are leaving together in the autumn of 2022. This will be at the end of three special episodes, which it seems are likely all we are to get next year.
Series 13, which we knew was going to be shortened due to Covid restrictions, has now shrunk from 8 to only 6 episodes. No mention if one of these will mark a festive special, or if that is going to be the first of the three final Specials. 
The final JW episode will be in the autumn rather than Christmas / New Year, as it is intended to tie in with the BBC's centenary celebrations. 
The festive period of 2022/23 may mark the first adventure of Doctor 14, under the new show runner, neither of whom are known. We should find out the new showrunner well before they cast their Doctor. 
What to make of today's announcement? Proof positive that the Chibnall era has been a failure. He's quitting after only 2 and a bit series, and well before the next big anniversary (the 60th) in 2023. Someone else is going to take over and get to celebrate that.
I feel sorry for Jodie, having been landed with some truly awful scripts and showrunner decisions, but will be mighty glad to see the back of him.

Sunday 25 July 2021


 It was announced today that Jacob Anderson, best known for Game of Thrones, will be joining the series in a regular role. He plays a gun-toting character named Vinder. He is neither described nor presented as a new companion, however. There were rumours that Captain Jack was to have played a significant role in the new series, after his return last New Year's Day. Could it be that this new character has been created to replace Barrowman, following "flashergate"?
You'll recall that the character of Captain Jack was created primarily to have a fighter on board the TARDIS, as the Doctor would not bear arms. Well, 13 is even more of a pacifist, and the series needs to rediscover its Action-Adventure roots.
On a personal note, I've just had another emergency operation (bringing forward something they would have to have tackled later anyway). It has resolved one of my main issues, but set my recovery back slightly. I should be back home in August, when I can pick up the blog more fully.

Thursday 1 July 2021

Evil of the Daleks animation confirmed

A trailer clip has been released of the Doctor's first meeting with the Dalek Emperor. All 7 episodes will be animated and in both colour and B&W. No date given, only that it will be sometime in 2021.
Coincidentally, some fans were in North Wales the other day and came across a small film crew, with a TARDIS prop. Nothing to do with the currently filming Series 13, but much more likely a documentary team filming something for The Abominable Snowmen, which was reported to be getting animated in the same news report as Evil of the Daleks. We can safely say that report from weeks ago was correct.
I meant to mention earlier that The Web of Fear got a release date (16th August). Sadly, the whole missing third episode has been animated in the same style as the trailer. It looks great until characters start moving...
No news on what the next Blu-ray box set will be. Fans claim Season 20, but then it is favourite every time a set is due. As previously stated, I really want to see a 1960's set - preferably 1 or 2.
As I'm still in hospital, I've now got two box sets still to watch - 8 and 24.