Wednesday 25 November 2020

Season 8 Blu-ray Boxset - Confirmed

News today that Season 8 will indeed be the next one to be released as a Blu-ray box set. There's a rather nice video trailer for it which you need to check out, featuring Katy Manning and Stewart Bevan as Mrs and Mr Jones, under attack from carnival-masked Autons.
Lots of extra material is promised, and the picture remastering looks great - including on the technically challenging The Mind of Evil.
Terror of the Autons is given the optional new special effects treatment, with a CGI troll doll appearing in the trailer.
The Mind of Evil has a feature in which three Doctor Who directors visit its location of Dover Castle - Tim Coombe, Michael Briant and Graeme Harper, who all contributed to this season (Harper as Briant's PA on Colony In Space). 
The Claws of Axos has an extended version, presumably using elements from the studio footage of the first recording block. 
Nothing extra mentioned specifically for Colony In Space, but The Daemons is presented in a feature length version, and we have a feature called "Devil's Weekend", which sees Manning and John Levene visit the Devil's End location of Aldbourne.
Two other features of note are an in depth interview from Matthew Sweet with Manning, and a tribute to the late, great Terrance Dicks, fronted by Frank Skinner.
There appear to be three "On The Sofa" sittings. As well as Manning and Bevan, we also have Janet Fielding paired with Sarah Sutton, and Anjli Mohindra with Sacha Dhawan. It'll be interesting to hear the latter's thoughts on the original Master, who features in all five stories. 
No sharing of Fielding's blanket this time, as the sitters have a perspex screen between them - so maybe they need to temporarily rename these segments "On The Armchair". I'm assuming that Covid-19 restrictions are the reason for the most obvious panel not being present - Manning, Levene and Richard Franklin, who together appear in four of these stories.
No release date yet on Amazon, though Zoom have it as 31st December 2099. Clearly something wrong with the year there, but the day and month may be correct (though these usually come out on Mondays), as the US retailers had a February 2021 release date and they usually have to wait a couple of months longer than the UK. In some ways the release date is immaterial, as they frequently get pushed back in the schedules, sometimes more than once.

PS: if you want to hold out for the steelbook of The Web of Fear, according to Amazon you'll have to wait until June 1st - 2022!

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