Thursday 12 November 2020

Series 13 News

It's been announced via the new edition of DWM that the next series of Doctor Who will consist of just 8 episodes, as opposed to the usual 11 we've had of late. The Coronavirus was always going to have some significant impact on TV production this year, and so we knew something like this would happen. It was either a reduced output, or a longer delay.
With production officially beginning last week, this does mean that Series 13 should be on our screens in the autumn of 2021, instead of having yet another gap year.
No mention if the 8 tally includes the next festive special.
Something else not mentioned is the companion cast. If there is to be a new companion (or companions) in Series 13 then it might be hard to keep that a secret before the broadcast of Revolution of the Daleks, which is rumoured to see the departure of at least one of the TARDIS crew, if not all three of them. A shorter run of episodes would certainly be of benefit to the busy Bradley Walsh, so hopefully we'll see more of Graham, who is by far the best of the trio.
With a reduced episode count it is all the more important that we get a good batch of stories. There simply isn't the space to deliver any of the sorts of clunkers which we've been subjected to over the last couple of series.
It's already known that one of the stories is a "celebrity historical", as Sara Powell's agency website gives the role she has taken.

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